Firefight Peeves

Pardon my rant, but I’ll never understand why they thought it was a good idea to give us a point to defend as an objective and then proceed to spawn all of the enemies on top of said objective so that they can immediately start damaging it as soon as they spawn and also make it impossible to really defend the objective, rather than constantly try to retake it until the timer runs out. It seems the only way to really keep it from being damaged is to throw ourselves at the enemy so that they may be more interested in our sacrificial acts instead of the objective that they spawn onto and surround.

Another thing that has been happening to me as of recent is that about half of the games I enter will randomly boot me out and send me into this blank matchmaking screen with no explanation and no way to leave it without resetting the game or waiting half an hour for a fire team error. Not only that, but it also eats all of the req cards and boosts I used in the game, and gives me no rewards for it if I decide to wait until when the match was supposed to end. This bug honestly make the game borderline unplayable for me on a bad day.