Firefight or Spartan Ops?

Firefight or Spartan Ops?
I think it should be both. 343i should make it so that once you play Spartan Ops Missions, you unlock and can then play that map in firefight. but it must work on an unlock basis. and there would be none of that map recycling crap.
You cana choose one or the other, or even both, but please justify why, or how they would work.

I personally liked Firefight better. Spartan Ops was pretty cool at first but then got kinda repetitive. If they make the story a little better and the missions a little more exciting like the campaign, then I’m all about spartan ops. I also don’t think it needs to be 50 missions, a lot of people lost interest after the first 25. An average Halo game is like 10 missions (longer missions but still). Also cutscenes with our customized spartans would be cool (like Reach).

I prefer Spartan ops by a longshot. I just wish the Spartan ops in TMCC had matchmaking so I could play with randoms.

spartan ops if you wanna verse Prometheans and new covies, firefight if you wanna verse covies of different species

Spartan Ops if the objectives become less repetitive and the story is more forward and compelling. Most people didnt like the Halo 4 Spartan Ops story, but if you sit down and watch all the cutscenes, its actually quite good


Firefight AND SpartanOps.

SpartanOps only needs to continue the story from chapter one.

Firefight needs to be FF from Reach, with solo and multiplayer options, and the ability to allow me to set up a firefight match on a forged map.

Oh, and SpartanOps needs to allow multiplayer on something other than legendary mode.

I would like to see Firefight, I really like the arcade style game play. I though it was a nice change of pace from the usual matchmaking. They need some crazy hard achievements for it though, to keep it fun.

Would be cool if it started out on Normal difficulty, then after so may points it goes up to Heroic with some skulls on. Until your eventually playing LASO.

They should bring firefight back with ODST.

Firefight and Spartan Ops! Firefight for the gameplay and Spartan Ops for the story

I really enjoyed both of the play types. I want to see both.

I want both, but if I had to choose, I would choose firefight. And I would love it if when a player selects blue team/Elites, The player would have the option to fight, prometheans, or UNSC, or even flood!

100 percent Firefight, for me. It was just more fun to play , in my opinion. You get some friends together and set up shop.