Firefight or Spartan Ops, better choice?

So in ODST we got Firefight and it was expanded upon in Reach, in Halo 4 however, it was cut and replaced with Spartan Ops. Which one did you prefer? Which one do you think suits the franchise better and will help increase its lifespan?

Quite honestly, I liked both equally and believe both need a spot in the next generation of Halo.

Spartan Ops was horribly executed and took away from the game. I definitely prefer Firefight. If it were my choice, I’d cut both of them and concentrate on making the rest of the game better.

Both modes feature set spawns. If 343i still are reluctant to make Spartan Ops a proper Campaign, then they should randomize the enemy spawns.

Anyways, I prefer Firefight. Spartan Ops is more like an exploration game mode.

Spartan Ops could have been so much better.
But, it turned out to be laggy, repetetive and boring experience. 343I needs to fix these problems and Spartan Ops would be awesome.
Firefight tho was also a bit boring, but still playable.
If it was for me, i would do the same thing MW3 did with having SpecOps and Survival in the game.

TL;DR i would like to have both in the next Halo game.

Firefight, but both could probably co-exist if the Xbox One can use discs with a greater capacity.

Why not both?

If I had to pick one, Firefight unless they completely overhaul Spops. The cutscenes were great but the levels were meh. It got better, but it needs to be better than better.

Currently, I’d prefer Firefight due to how awful Spartan Ops has been. But Spartan Ops does have the potential to satisfy me far more than what Firefight ever offered…

Both offer completely different experiences and there is no reason they both shouldn’t be included (providing disc space is a lot higher on the Xbox One).

Firefight>Spartan Ops

In Halo: Reach if I didn’t feel like playing multiplayer, I’d just play Firefight. Spartan Ops to me, was very boring, with extremely repetitive gameplay. The only good part about Spartan Ops were the actual episodes themselves, they were great.

Even though I think extending the campaign story into another part of the game that ISN’T campaign, is very stupid.

> Both offer completely different experiences and there is no reason they both shouldn’t be included (providing disc space is a lot higher on the Xbox One).

In a perfect world yes, but this isn’t a perfect world. Resource management goes beyond just disc-space; look at what happened to Halo 4 Spops. Despite having the most going into it than any other Halo game, Halo 4’s team could only split off a handful of designers dedicated to Spops in lieu of the other major factors like multiplayer and campaign. Now add Firefight into the mix, and they’re stretched even thinner.

The only silver lining here is that 343i now has a stable team from the start, something they never had in Halo 4. But that may still be asking for too much.

I currently prefer firefight. But both of them have not really touched their potential yet. For a co-op campaign to come back, they need to:

  1. Rename it so that they can bring in sangheili
  2. Make the levels unique and ind interesting
  3. Better dialogue, hinge head and egghead were annoying to hear
  4. Consequences for getting killed
  5. Get rid of Sarah Palmer
  6. Get rid of the human nationalism (this is a sci fi game for goodness sake)

Oh my -Yoink- it was so annoying to hear them say ‘EGGHEAD’, especially when Sarah Palmer said it!

I loved Spartan Ops, but ODST’s Firefight was a lot better. I enjoyed it a lot more than in Reach. For me, it goes ODST FF, SpOps, Reach FF.

If the Xbox One uses Blu-ray discs which offer higher capacities and better hardware that it can support both engines, have both.

I enjoyed fire fight much more than SpOps. Firefight should return with a much more interaction similar to Horde 2.0 in Gears of War 3. As for SpOps I would not miss it if it were cut. If they do plan to include it, than 343i needs to do a complete over haul.

> (providing disc space is a lot higher on the Xbox One).

Off Topic:
A single-layer Blu-Ray disc can hold 25GB.
A dual-layer Blu-ray disc can hold 50GB.

To ensure that the Blu-ray Disc format is easily extendable (future-proof) it also includes support for multi-layer discs, which should allow the storage capacity to be increased to 100GB-200GB (25GB per layer) in the future simply by adding more layers to the discs.

A DvD can hold 4.7GB (single-layer)8.5GB (dual-layer)

On Topic: I believe both should be incorporated but I think Spartan Ops and Firefight should feature unlocks. It would give me a reason to play it other than story. Bring a friend leader boards to firefight so it’s fun to compete with friends.

Put achievements into Firefight like in ODST, I loved the Vidmasters so much! Getting a group of friends going and trying and failing and then succeeding. It was just a blast!

Firefight, but it needs to be improved. Starting with making maps designed for firefight and not cut from campaign.

I liked that Spartan Ops added to the game canon, but there were some improvements to be made; however, I did enjoy playing it quite a bit.
Firefight was really fun to play as a warm-up to go into campaign with, or if I didn’t want to play a mission out right. I would say keep them both.