Firefight ONI hog theory

I posted a forum recently on how it was lame to now make the ONI hog overheat (it’s still lame). You get shot out easily and it is a very dominant warthog by far, but balanced due to you’re vulnerability…But I was watching videos of firefight before the beta that’s coming out. And my theory on why they nerfd it is because, if they dint, you would run through the first few levels of firefight pretty easily, maybe? Since you could just mow down anything less then a legendary boss so easily. And a legendary boss with two ONI hogs or more fairly quick as well. And firefight is all about time. The faster you complete each level the more XP and RP you get. So maybe that’s why? What do y’all think.

Oh… Intresting theory… never thought about it like that. There trying to get it settled in so people will get used to it before firefight comes out. That is of course assuming that this theory is correct.

Yeah, just a theory. And right before the BETA comes out ya know? Kinda strange and then they really stress time time time in firefight since each level is a 5 minute cap! Anyways I’m getting over the hog change. I love halo so I adapt.

Sounds plausible.

Considering that I’ve killed my fair share of Legendary bosses by having my friend park us just out of their line of sight and unloading the infinite grenade-rounds of my ONI hog into them…yeah. It has to be a balancing change.