Firefight needs to be reworked for halo 4.

OK pretty much everyone agrees that firefight is to easy playing as spartans. In Halo 4 it would be even easier assuming you have traits from halo 3 (e.g. duel wield, health regen, no fall damage, fast movement speed).

IMO in Halo 4s firefight (if it even has one) you need to play as ODSTs again, and the unlimited ammo crap needs to -Yoink-

I am of course talking about keeping the classic firefight feel (from Halo 3 ODST). There could still be a more arcadey FF experiance in there somewhere.

My point is, if you play as spartans in Halo 4 FF it will become even EASIER than it is now, and that’s pretty hard to imagine…

EDIT: sorry about the Reach prefix forgot to change it…

Its firefight…its meant to be fun and to just screw around. Nothing is stopping you from playing like you want to. I personally like Reach’s firefight just fine.

And everything you’re talking about can be easily changed in the settings. 343i just needs to get the setting right.