Firefight missions

How cool would it be to have bi-monthly PvE challenges that rewarded super cool gear? As the name alludes too, we could have a game-mode called firefight missions. a mode where you and 3 of your friends, maybe even 7 of your friends if you wanted, can party up and play through the best that 343 can throw at us? challenge missions, equipped with bosses, where you are tasked with surviving an onslaught of heroic and legendary enemies on some of Halo’s most iconic battlegrounds such as High Charity or a long fought battle to control room of a Halo ring. Of course the possibilities are endless, but nothing would please me more than 3 friends and myself all gearing up in our ODST armor and battling our way though the city of New Mombasa, the streets dark and eerie, and only my flashlight and those of my team-mates to light the way.

Along with the 343 quality of maps, and in the best case scenario, we would be able to forge these firefight maps. If any of you have played the new doom game, you can create your own missions with an array of diversity. Every month, 343 could evaluate a number of community maps that they wold then assign the proper XP and credit rewards too. another plus side to this would be that the forge team would be working very close with the firefight team, this would allow the bi-monthly 343 maps to serve a dual purpose by generating new content for forge, be it new forge object assets or logic assets.

I honestly think that some iconic battles in the halo franchise should be remade and redone like the scarab battles in halo 3 but harder and have 8 players. Like warzone firefight but it’s an actual continuous battle where ai are constantly spawning to stop you from completing the objectives