Firefight Matchmaking won't load

It loads slower than everything else, and kicks me to the main menu about halfway through. Everything else, including h3 multiplayer and firefight custom games loads just fine. Anyone know what might be causing this? looking through the forums and feedback, VERY few others seem to be having the same issue.

Have you tried campaign coop or custom firefight with friends? I have the same problem and it happens when i try to play any sort of multiplayer mode in ODST.

none of my friends got flight access, or aren’t into halo (heathens) so I haven’t tried. Firefight matchmaking is the only odst mode I’ve been able to try online, so maybe it’s the same issue.

Most of the time when I get these types of issues I just clear my cache and the problem is usually solved.

Going to close this off now as it relates to a flight that has since concluded