Firefight Matchmaking- Sniperfight should be switch to Shotty-Sniperfight?

Or atleast have an arcade option with shotguns! already posted this on the general forum but dang it I want this fixed, it will allow sniper lovers and non sniper lover to come together! sniper lovers would You really mind a team mate or two running around shotgunning covies well you snipe? cuz I find you rarely get to the bonus round in sniperfight anyway, would it be so bad having some buddies clearing em out of the corners for ya rather then having players CONSTANTLY dropping from games cuz theres no way in hell they want to play sniperfight.

PS no disrespect to you sniper lovers out there I just want to bring us all together and stop the players dropping from matches

I support throwing in Shotty-Snipers as an arcade variant. Nothing but those 2 weapons and the choice of any AA.

come on folks reply if u like or even if you don’t, i wanna get this one noticed