Firefight matchmaking maps

Is it just my cruddy luck or is it that every time the put out a map specific challenge (Fortified Court in this case) it takes 20 minutes to find a match on that map, even in Score attack? Cuz It’s really -Yoink!- me off.

ok just play on any map.

I’m talking about map specific things, like 1000 kills on only Court Yard, where I go through the veto thing, with only base maps (all dlc removed) and I get outpost 6 times, overlook twice, and holdout, and this happens every time I go through the veto thing, except maybe like once every 30 mins.

oh well your just unlucky.

I think it is just luck of the draw, and it is bad luck. I feel like I have the same problem, though I highly doubt that the weighting for the map selection is being altered for map-specific challenges, though it would be funny if they had some form of “if” statement that says something like:

If challenge is set to map X, alter weighting of map X to y% (y being lower than normal weighting).

I liked it when you could just cycle through the maps and you got each map at least once.