Firefight Maps

I’m pretty disappointed in Halo Reach’s Multiplayer but I love Firefight. It’s what makes me still enjoy playing the game. And as such I would like to see a little more love for Firefight in terms of DLC. To date we have been given 5 new MP maps but only one new Firefight map. With Halo: CEA coming we’re getting another 6 MP maps but only 1 more Firefight. That totals out to 11 MP maps and 2 Firefight maps added. So I think that if there is to be more DLC in the future after CEA, I would love to see more Firefight maps.

Another thing that could be addressed however is the type of Map that’s released. Reach Firefight maps as they are are kind of dull because they’re mostly set up to where the Covenant only come at you from one side. A good example of a map I would like to see is Uplift Reserve from ODST. That was by far my favorite Firefight map because you were in the middle of everything. Covenant landed on all sides and bombarded you from every direction making it so you had to watch your back and cover your friends. It was a very large open and vehicle friendly map which I just adored.