Firefight Map Pack (Forge Creation)

These are my first three Firefight themed maps that I made. One of them is a remake of the first. It is kind of like a survival themed course. Also a gametype is provided in my File Share as well. Enjoy, and please give feedback!
Expect more Firefight themed maps to be in my File Share when I announce it.

I don’t quite get what you’ve done O.o

> I don’t quite get what you’ve done O.o

Try the map with others… I am terrible at explaining things.

…define “Firefight Themed”

> …define “Firefight Themed”

Sure thing. You are on the ground trying to survive against Banshee’s (Falcons’s in the more new maps). They are power weapons, vehicles and armories scattered across the map. There are many areas of the map that you have to go across and survive.

So, what do you guys think of the map?

Do you have any footage of your maps??

Sorry, no.