Firefight (looking for players)

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if I am the only one who have had enough of finding low Level players in firefight? The problem is not players being a low Level, the problem is that when you are finding players in low Level they are not doing as good as they should. The main reason for this is that when you are a low Level they dont have the required reqs to help the rest of the players. Saying that, by all means, if you have a lot of reqs and being a low Level, thats Perfect, but most players dont. Me and my mates have come to the point we have had enough of having the most score, pretty much every game. I would like if there were other players that would like to start a team ( a proper team) in firefight. A team that wants to Complete games by spawning in the required reqs needed to win the game and not be running around With a magnum and an Assault rifle.

Gamertag: Sologodda ( Playing Xbox on a different account)

Send a Message to me on Sologodda if this is something you would like to do

Have a Nice day