FireFight is messed up, Waves never come

ODST Firefights have been acting weird for weeks. Strange lag and a lot of games (including every Lost Platoon I’ve been in) kind of stall out waiting for a wave. You’ve killed everything and it never announces the next wave so you’ve either got to spend the next 25min doing nothing or hope your team is willing to suicide repeatedly because you’ll probably get one of those stupid bans for quitting. Please fix asap.

Still having problems with Lost Platoon on heroic ff. After the first wave or two the rest never come, or sometimes do after 10+ minutes. Very annoying.

The devs haven’t gotten back from vacation just yet iirc, so they will likely fix the issue later this/early next month.

As for the reason issues are springing up now; it’s mostly due to the fact firefight is getting a ton of reworks in the coming year. Season 8 introduced the first of a few updates altering the wave spawn settings, which has exacerbated a ton of issues Phantoms have had since launch, thus breaking the bigger maps with longer Phantom drops.

I’m sure the devs have been back since the new year. Hopefully we get a patch come tomorrow, given that the exchange is empty. Big or small I think we can expect something tomorrow.

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Could possibly be that the Phantom driver was killed and so the next wave won’t progress. You don’t even have to shoot the Phantom for it to happen.

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as far as I’m aware, the dev team only got back to normal capacity the end of last week. that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some sort of update this week

I reported the same issue 2 months ago. Just saying.

Considering the exchange for tomorrow is blank it’s likely we’ll see some sort of update come down the pipeline be it cosmetic or bug fixes.