Firefight is dead to me. Where's my Limited?

Alright where’s Limited Firefight? Everyone a year ago was nagging the other developer for a challenge like ODST’s firefight and they got something close enough. Now I know the population was small, but they were quality players who wanted a challenge and not a spam fest on the rocket launcher or Fuel Cannon. Every Elite was a boss level encounter and when the Ultra’s dropped you were all scrambling for a power weapon and a vantage point to fight from. It was the only co-op mode that actually had a chance of forcing players to work as a team against the Ai. Rather than who could get to the spawn point first with a rocket.

Arcade does not scratch that itch and Doubles Limited is well half the fun it could be. No one picks Fiesta. I know because they want it easy and a no brainer. That’s fine they got what they wanted but us Limits got screwed. But hey I know it was about six hundred of us that showed up daily to fight in Limited and I’m sad to see it gone. I was hoping maybe in month of it closing 343 would try something to change up Limited and reintroduce it.

Nope still gone.

So I guess I’ll be seeing you guys in Spartan Ops. I got your back unless you run me over. Then not soo much having your back. :slight_smile:

I hope when Halo 4 launches 343 just makes Reach Reach again since all the Halo 2’ and 3’s will be in 4 complaining and spamming the BR and Armor Lock is finally gone! Yay see you later. Maybe Limited can be revived in Reach if Halo 4’s Spartan’s Op doesn’t fill the Firefight need. (unlikely we hope) I don’t know, but with 4 bearing down on us I wouldn’t mind the last part of 2012 getting to play my favorite co-op rather than not. Six hundred serious Limited players or forty, I’d take them over a thousand Arcade guys any day.

Well, it was obviously taken out because it wasn’t competitive enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Competitive for the Fuel Rod Grunts though. Those little buggers got ten times deadlier in Limited.

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I didn’t have a high enough population to justify it being there, lets face it peoiple only play FireFight because they are terrible at the game and needed the easiest possible way of ranking up, limited didn’t suit them.

For me, Firefight ended in Halo 3 ODST. That was it’s thing, Halo Reach kinda… eh… too easy with infinite lives and any weapon you want

If they don’t add a new playlist, they should at least combine everything back into one main Firefight playlist.
It isn’t quite fair for those who don’t want Arcade. They should at least have the choice or option not to.

Just make the first voting option always standard Firefight or Firefight Limited, and then make the last two whatever random other gametype that decides to pop up like the ones in Arcade or the old Generator Defense.

It’s very rare, but I’m sure Limited is actually in the Arcade playlist. Because my friend was saying how he saw it, voted for it, but the others in his lobby voted for Arcadefight and FRG-spammed for 20 minutes. He was pissed.

> It’s very rare, but I’m sure Limited is actually in the Arcade playlist. Because my friend was saying how he saw it, voted for it, but the others in his lobby voted for Arcadefight and FRG-spammed for 20 minutes. He was pissed.

Sadly, that might’ve been long ago when everything was together, or something else. The Halo Reach playlists page still only lists stuff like FRGfight and Sniperfight.
But who knows really, maybe it is really really rare.

Yes, another limited lover! the day they removed limited was the day reach really took a turn for the worse. what i don’t understand is why custom firefight games don’t give you credits. at first it was because you could have insane rules like unlimited ammo rockets. but now that is the DEFAULT for firefight match making. I cant believe that the only way to play NORMAL firefight is to play in customs. i mean really?

Man you took the words out of my mouth.
I couldn’t believe how bad I was at the game for the first few weeks… but Limited makes you sooo much better over time and the challenge was immense!
My roomies and I had tons of fun.
It was honestly the only reason we played the game after completing the campaign.

FF has been dead to be for quite awhile. I guess i played one too many on Arcade. Took out four player Limited, all we got is two player limited which is pretty nice but arcade noobs waste all the lives, thinking it’s the same gametype (hence noob).

I do find it odd that many are crying about the removal of limited but where were you guys when it was around? I here praise (rightfully so since it was challenging) now but not so much before it got axed. The playlist wasn’t very popular either so i must pull out the loud minority card and think angry thoughts.

R.I.P Limited, we hardly knew ya.

Okay so in doubles you get the option to play 2x score attack, arcade, and limited. I don’t understand why you would put 2x score attack as an option. If people want to do it there is a playlist for it. For arcade 4 person why isn’t it done the same way? Every option is some form of arcade. 1st option is arcade, then one of the boring types like frg or rocket attack, then the fun ones like fiesta/plasma/nade fight. The best options are given the lowest priority. Why don’t you just make it an option in 4 person arcade firefight to play limited. 1st option limited, 2nd arcade, 3rd one of the many variants (rocket, frg, fistfight). I chose fist fight today right before the timer ran down instead of another boring game of arcade, and the highest ranking person quit. Good riddance, fistfight is one of the most fun variants.