firefight in forge world?
On the recent Gamtrailers GTTV episode the interview with Brian Gerrard from Bungie unclearly suggested at 17m 38s approx that Firefight on custom Forge World maps might be possible, “build your own unique map”. Can anyone clarify this for me?

I’m pretty sure they are just talking about custom multiplayer maps.

the dude is defiantly talking about firefight and then said that you can “build your own unique map” he may have just not picked his words well but if thats the case what he said was mis leading and should be clarified as there is no solid information on if there will be a fire fight function on forge

i hope there is i wanna make one masive firefight map that feels like a mini campaing spanning the whole forge world

thats a good idea dude if we do get it i was thinking mass numbers of covenant and a good pinch point and go 300 on there arsses like the spartans of old

that would be epic if we could recreat all the best battle sens from our favirot movies using fourge and firefight together

lol guys…that would take alot more compiling data to do than normal forging. youd have to mark trails to where the covanant speceis go after dropped. then there the spawn points for BOTH covanant and spartans. probably not possible but cross your fingures.

It is already confirmed that there is no forge for firefight. Sorry guys.

well that just sucks

To quote Bungie, “Firefight is like a house. You won’t be breaking down walls or ripping up studs, but you can re-arrange the furniture.” In other words, no Forged Firefight.

i still think it would have been sweet hay maybe there will be a dlc for it i can hope right

That would have been too easy then. You could just place like 5 Spartan Lasers and tons of turrets and a scorpian or two by where you spawn, then you would never die… wait that would be a good thing wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be, map editing would be with Firefight too

Not possible, if it was, it would have to be coded with its own A.I. Director because notice how things like Elites or Brutes jumping on boxes? If you moved those boxes, then the Bot A.I. doesn’t know how to communicate or jump on the boxes so they can’t.