Firefight - Hurry Up

First off, Firefight needs to be apart of the Campaign Purchase.
It feels like 60$ gets you 1/3 of a game. Not a good value.
BUT here are a couple FAST ways to quickly Implement a Firefight Mode:

-) Use Larger PvP maps (game needs more pvp maps in general)
-) Use locations from missions and the Campaign Map, like ODST did.

I mean, you already have ALL THAT in the game, just give us a simple 8 map or 10 map firefight, with custom options and for those that want to match make, they can do that. I don’t care, rather play with friends or alone anyway.
This will buy you time to you know… add more PvP and PvE maps.

Another thing that could add to this experience
bring back accolades/commendations (like in Reach)
BUT instead of XP unlocks, you get XP Tokens 1+ for each accolade/commendation
and number varying on difficulty of challenge.
That way people can use the tokens in whatever PASS they want.

Commendations could be like in Halo 5, for all I care, where it was “Kills with UNSC Weapons”, “Kill 50 Grunts”, things like that. Basic stuff to give us more to do.
More game is better than what we got going on right now…
Crummy Events and Cosmetics… and a store that uses FOMO…
I’ve already made a post on how to better the store… not just reducing prices.
In a way you’d make more money than rude FOMO tactics.
But that has nothing to do with this Firefight topic.

ALSO, wouldn’t mind seeing some sorta “Spartan Ops”, or Objective Based Firefight-ish thing, not ALWAYS with a boss at the end, but some missions could. And Accolades/Commendations could carry over to this mode too. But it would be another place to use our own Spartans in.

I am also suggesting this to be a part of the “Campaign” Purchase. pad out those sales.
I mean, not everything can be free to play, but 60$ for just that campaign. It is good, but more is better. Especially for 60$.


I def lean towards PvE more than PvP. Hoping PvE comes soon. Not worth it otherwise lol

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I disagree. Not because the campaign isn’t good, but because (as far as I know) the campaign’s $60 will cover the next campaigns too. The other reason is that Firefight should either be its own DLC, for $15 or something, or included with the multiplayer. I’d prefer it be part of a DLC but only if it gets its own support, such as frequent maps and modes. If not, multiplayer would be a better option, especially if it takes inspiration from Reach.
Perhaps increase firefight count to 8, and have 8 spartans, 8 elites, and the AI covenant. Of course, that would mean we’d also get playable elites. Perhaps invasion could come back alongside it? Then have quick play remain spartans only, but firefight and invasion have spartans and elites.

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Bold of you to assume Firefight is on the way. If they do implement it should 100% be free otherwise no one is playing it. The whole point of F2P is to constantly add new content. Adding in new modes and offerings is considered new content.

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Why would firefight be anything other than free?


I’m not sure the F2P game download includes any of the PvE assets. Given how 343 has structured the downloads between MP and SP, there’s a solid chance a player with only MP installed doesn’t even have the PvE AI and enemy assets. This leaves them with two options - either add all of the SP assets for AI/enemies to MP, or restrict those able to access Firefight to people who have that portion of the game installed by virtue of having the campaign.

Okay, I think see what people are talking about. However, I think it should be free if we’re talking about a multiplayer gamemode.

They already charged $60 for the singleplayer game, which is ridiculous in its own right.


As I said, if it had its own support then I could be willing to pay some extra cash. But otherwise it should be free with the multiplayer.

How are you people unaware of the fact that most people seriously don’t care about firefight and never will? I can’t fathom how it has fans. It must’ve been the only thing y’all did when Halo Reach released bc it was the least enjoyable and least developed part of the game. It’s always been an after thought. Nobody cares about it except for the overwhelming small minority of people who somehow did like it in Reach.

Just because you hate it doesn’t mean everyone else is going to.


They are working on a PvE type mode :thinking:

Firefight might not come for a long long time though

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IMO the campaign is not even worth the price.

With $60 I can buy a complete game so I don’t know what 343 was thinking basing a barebone Halo campaign/open world off of Zelda, and thought $60 was reasonable.

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Most people really don’t like it. I don’t want 343 to waste their time on a mode barely 50 people care about.

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PVE Modes like Warzone, Firefight are very important for Halo. Im pretty sure that in Halo 50% off the player base played often PVE modes. My ratio was 50/50 arena matches and Warzone.
For me it would be a day one purchase, if we had to pay for.

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You haven’t interviewed ‘most people’ on whether they like or dislike the mode so how could you possibly know that?


What I love is that there is so much content missing that we are going to be fed content over a period of time and the game will continue to grow, strengthen and improve overall as a classic Halo “feel” game. I look forward to so much of this content being released.

Amazing. Why don’t you go onto YouTube and look at all those videos of people having fun and making videos about firefight in Halo Reach. Better yet, how about you go onto the forums and look at all those people raving about the firefight mode in Halo Reach.

I’m sorry that my basic observation of reality and existence in the hay day of Halo isn’t enough of a testimony. I’ll just go interview the millions of people who played Reach instead of look at what the community actually talked about, made content about, had videos looking into, etc. If you’re incapable of recalling basic memories, that’s on you. The mode is an afterthought and nothing more. They probably spent a week developing that mode. It doesn’t deserve to come back.

If it comes back, it should only be in name because most people don’t like fighting endless waves of enemies in the most uninteresting ways. It doesn’t even vaguely compete in the same light as cod zombies and that’s how a vast majority of people saw it. That’s the only reason it ever existed in the first place.

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Warzone Firefight is nothing like the firefight in Reach and ODST. If people are wanting warzone firefight, that distinction has to be made.

It’s been 9 months and nothing has come back. You’re going to be waiting for a long time. Play another game, please.

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It doesn’t have to make rounds on YouTube for it to be popular within the Halo community.

It’s like watching someone play a game vs actually playing it yourself. Two very different things. I get not liking it, but don’t be dishonest about the mode’s appeal within fanbase.

People like different things.