Firefight glacier tip

I see alot of this, people who want the sniper rifle and jet-pack combo for Firefight arcade so that they can post up on the sniper spot above halsey’s lab so they start the round and KILL THEMSELVES so they can jet pack up there. This is unnecesary, you can walk up to the spot simply using the left side slope on the base of the tower that you would stand on once you get up there. Gotta be quick though otherwise the timer will count down. You gotta go all the way to the back where there’s a ramp that leads up to the spot but be careful because you can definitely fall.

Just thought I would share because I cringe every time someone purposely costs themselves a perfection medal just to save the other 2.

i usually take there weapons when they suicide at the start of the game :slight_smile:

yea, I do that to, but they just kill themselves again lol, its funny to watch sometimes.

You know you can actually reach the top without using jet-packs and just starting the game with sniper loadout as you should. Do I win something for doing that ?