Firefight Forge

Sorry if the topic has been made several times before, but I just can stop thinking of the crazy possibilities that would follow with Forge support for Firefight, which I hope is included in Halo 4 and beyond, since it’s just such a lovable gametype!

In the day, ODST Firefight was the bomb. Me and my friends played that like it was the end of the world when ODST came out. But when Reach rolled into the spotlight with a revamped Firefight mode, its new gameplay mechanics and poor map selection (Unearthed excluded, that map is amazing!) changed the entire feel of the Firefight experience, even with full gametype customization.

Sure you can kind of change some things here and there to make it feel more awesome like ODST, but it’s nowhere near the same. This is why I propose the idea of Forge support for Firefight!

Understandably, the most difficult part will be the AI, telling it where to spawn, where to walk, where it can and can’t walk, where it should stay away from, what is up and what is down, how to utilize the area (grav. lifts, vehicles, etc.), and much more complicated stuff. Most of this is what kills the idea of Firefight Forge. But if you can get past that major problem, you arrive to a zone void of any other problems, because from here on out, it’s just normal Forging, only with Firefight in mind, right?

Besides, who doesn’t want to remake -Yoink!- Zombie maps from CoD and use 'em as Firefight Maps?