FIreFight for Halo MCC, and Halo Reach

Firefight is what gave the idea for spartan ops, but truthfully, barley anyone will say they like spartan ops more then firefight. Firefight should be brought back because its just a way to kill time. Sure spartan ops has a motive like get to the objective but the truth is we don’t care, people who play Halo just want to kill F***ing aliens. Thats what Firefight brings to the table. Editing options so we can sprint fast, jump high, and shoot forever, is one of my favorite things about it. For Firefight to come back, Halo Reach or Halo 3 ODST need to be back, I’d rather get both please. Halo Reach is the 2nd highest selling Halo Game in franchise history, yet its not on the MCC. I would love to be back as Noble 6 killing dudes on reach, with that OP DMR. I know people are with me on this. Halo MCC needs Reach and ODST, I know ODST is coming but for real hurry up. 343 had a month of terrible gameplay for the MCC, the least they could do is let us watch all our favorite spartans die in reach once again, on dedicated servers, running at 60FPS and 1080p. Halo Reach needs to come back

I am not saying I hate spartan ops, (I love it.) but this guy is right. just about no one likes spartan ops more than firefight. We just want to kill freaking aliens! it is fun. I miss reach too. I like to be able to assume the role of a spartan of my own: the nameless noble six, (Or spartan-B312) I could claim the title of this spartan. I could customise him for campaign, and multiplayer. he was not a well known legend (for some reason) he was not john. I could take the role of this spartan, I could give him his own personality. I chose his backstory. Reach needs to be back with full character customization.

343 please bring odst firefight and halo reach in its entirety to the halo mcc collection.

Please yes never got to play reach to its entirety and it is sorta relevant because Chief and Cortana just escaped from planet Reach in the beginning of Halo CE.