Firefight final boss time

In firefight most people et to the final boss, or bosses. And when people get to this point in the match they throw everything they got at the bosses but still have trouble defeating them because of the timer. The timer only gives you a certain amount of time to beat certain bosses. For example on that snow map, I forgot the name, you may have to beat 2 knights and then go on to 3 warden eternals and such. I have recently tried a match and we got to the boss, we threw everything at the three warden eternals. But it was the timer that set us off we only had 10 seconds to kill the last boss. I think the way 343 set up the timer is ridiculous, and they should fix that. Also they do not have any communication things, like a simple email address or a phone number to help players in need of it.

Yeah, this forum is sub-par, to say the least. I think that you should get a time bonus when you kill a boss in the final round. Like, 10 seconds, or something, depending on the design of the final round.