firefight feedback minus server issues

k, so I know servers are failing. So post elsewhere if you have problems with servers. Only comment here if you have played warzone and want to leave feedback.

played two games. So when the boss is killed, I’d like the adds to stick around for some mop up.

mythic warden. Really, this is our last boss. Again!? He’s getting old, really old. Please throw in direct bosses. They can be mythic, with extra health. Or how about twins. Two of the same boss.

if warden eternal remains, I’d like to see him teleport after losing some health. We then have have to fight adds to get to him.

more base defense/attack style objectives, please.

truthfully, I’m finding the game just a tad easy. Enemies pack a punch, but still, too easy.

Defending the garage and killing the warden eternal are unbalanced. I’ve been in a few matches now where 2-3 tanks plus everyone else constantly hitting him isn’t enough to take him down.

The timers suck. Just let us enjoy the game.

I predict they reduce req payout and boost enemy difficulty, thereby making firefight unlikable and driving up req pack sales.

Dropships main, and exposed elite manned turrets can’t be destroyed.

By any weapon^
Their shields dont even brake.

Even if your shields are un breakable a tank shot to the face… would knock you off the ship.
Or break your neck…