FireFight confirmed for Halo 5 2016 Soon.

  • Hammer Storm Launch Trailer LINK ABOVE IS TO THE VIDEO.
    To me, I don’t have an issue with firefight, But it seems like 343 is bringing it back for the CryHard fans.
    I say that because firefight isn’t that special, nor was there an actual point to it. Sure killing enemies left & right was fun and all, but it became stale & repetitive, equal to 3 months into Destiny feels like. If I wanted to crush multiple enemies with in a timeframe / over & over, I would go to Campaign mode.
    343 should of just stuck with Spartan Ops, there was a story to it, an EXPANDED STORY! Spartan Ops pretty much gave birth / expanded to Locke, Sarah Palmer, The Infinity Laskey & what we know of with Halo’s Universe ( 4 - 5 ).
    Its just my Opinion, so complain about it, Its what 99% of Waypoint does best. Im just expressing what I recommend / think 343 should be sticking to.


Spartan Ops was okay but hearing the same story over and over and over got more stale over FF.

I liked ODST FF because it was harder to get health and you have to trade your weapons for more ammo. If this is true in stoked.

Who else as excited as I am for Warzone Firefight!!

Been waiting for a long time for this game-mode to come out

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> Who else as excited as I am for Warzone Firefight!!

I am.

imo odst firefight was the best.