Firefight commendations

Does anybody know if they’ll be resetting the enemy commendations for the Firefight launch? When they released the beta I finished all my commendations pretty easily in the few days it was out, so it only makes sense to reset the commendations and increase the number of kills needed to complete each level as you will be encountering much more enemy AI than usual. Does anybody have any info on this? Thanks in advance

Highly doubt that would happen. Not everyone has their enemy commendations finished and having people’s progress wiped with the new WZFF update would incite rioting (purely speculation).

You might get some new enemy commendations with the boss refresh, not sure.

I hope not. I’m not finished yet and it’s taken me a while to get where I am, ha ha!

They need to add commendations for other weapons and such they have added since the game launched…for like the hammer, assault, and etc

For me WZFF is pointless unless they add more goals for example kill this many enemies. Most of us have all the enemies completed and would like goals to play it.

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> You might get some new enemy commendations with the boss refresh, not sure.

I think 343 might add a mythic boss takedown commendation due to the new bosses that they are adding in so it is a possibility.

I hope not. Warden Eternal commendation is already difficult and I’m glad warzone enemy commendation is affected by firefight.

True I also find the warden eternal commendation to be incredibly annoying with only one out of the 5 or 6 people get the actually kill towards the commendation even though it’s a team effort but 343 could possibly add something new

343 could possibly add some daily/weekly/monthly challenges in the commendations like they they did with Halo 4 and Bungie did with reach.

No more warden commendations please. I finally got my last kill (with a random grenade throw, seems appropriate since it’s 100% luck). My warden shooting days are over I hope.

Lucky, I’ve still got 3 more to complete it and I’ve been stuck on it for almost a month now and it is infuriating

Well I mean as someone who has all the enemy commendations it’s just boring to stop progressing. Playing Firefight will get old since the only commendations you can get in the mode is for enemy AI kills. And considering the huge change in the number of AI you encounter I feel like they should at least increase the commendation to allow progression past level 5 or something. Yeah I agree the warden commendation was a real pain in the neck to get, but now instead of 24 people all trying to get the kill and seeing a max of 2 Wardens in like 20 minutes, you have about half the size of people trying to kill 5 or 6 Wardens in a single match. The enemy commendations are only hard to get because you rarely encounter them in WZ (compared to player encounters) and with FF just around the corner Halo players will finish all their commendations in 5 or so games.