Firefight/Campaign button action delay

Whenever i play Campaign or Firefight and i press an action (such as A for jump) it does the action about half a second later, i dont see why it would do this, it never delays my button commands in multiplayer and i have wired connection and a fast very expensive router, so i dont know why it would do this, i have heard many other people who have the same problem, and this has never happened to me in any other Halo Campaign or Firefight, I need to know if it is going to do this in Halo Anniversary, if it does do this in Halo Anniversary i am surely not going to buy it, because my favorite part of all Halo games is the Co-Op Campaign and Firefight, so if anyone could please tell me if they have this problem or anyway to rectify the situation would be very helpful, and also if they could tell me if this problem will affect Halo Anniversary as well, Thank you for you help.

you posted this SAME topic a couple days ago.

Well the HCEA is a whole different game with original game play. So I doubt you should be affected by this in the campaign. Since the FF aspect involves Reach MP to use. It will probably effect you.
I have never heard of this issue tho.

Its just lag generated by others, if you are host, you usually aren’t effected. That is, unless you are talking about single player, then that is strange.

Multiplayer Campaign and Firefight are set up differently than Multiplayer Matchmaking. Everyone needs to have the same data (in packet form, which are used to transfer data over the Internet) in order for the game to proceed. The lag is caused by the latency between commands. For instance, if you jump, the game then has to make sure everyone has the data that says you’re jumping before it actually shows you jumping. Multiplayer Matchmaking, on the other hand, everyone does not need to have the same data to proceed. That’s why you are having slight lag issues in MM Campaign/Firefight, but not in Matchmaking.

I have the same problem. Really nothing we can do about it, except not play Firefight.

> I have the same problem. Really nothing we can do about it, except not play Firefight.

That’s why there’s Score Attack! :slight_smile:

This is a duplicate thread, so I am going to go ahead and lock it. If you look back to the original thread, you will see I posted a link to a detailed description of Firefight input lag, and what causes it.