Firefight beta stats question

So i know commendations can be earned in warzone but do our general stats like kill death average and kills per game also count. Im curious because i have played alot of firefight and deaths from enemies start to stack up which could lower my kd.

Yes it does count towards your KD

It counts, but so do AI kills.

If anything this is going to pad you k/d.

K/D counts for most gamemodes

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> If anything this is going to pad you k/d.

I wish it would not

There is really no way to not pad your stats with this mode. I die a ton (around 10 times or more per match) but the kills really even it out. I’ve figured I average 50 or more kills each match so that KD flies up even if you die a bunch like me. For instance, I’ve completed 55 rounds and only survived 7. But I have 550 kills. So you really can’t go down it’s impossible.

It is treated like an actual Warzone match pretty much with your stats and KD