Firefight Beta not all that

Then again it is the beta. So let’s get to it.

The pro’s

  • Massive amounts of enemies - Can help knock out enemy commendations quickly - Mythic level boss - You can utilize the bases for cover - You respawn after death - Enemies change no match is the same - You can get to level 9 req’sThat was really about it, mind you it is the beta as I’ve said before

The Con’s (remember this is the beta)

  • There’s a timer to clear enemy waves, but as you can respawn it sorta balances out. - The AI isn’t a push over even in early rounds, that being said there are only 5 rounds so I can excuse this. (Enemies can drop your shields fairly quickly if your not using vehicles) - Vehicles are king, I was kinda hoping firefight wouldn’t be such a vehicle driven game and more of a boots on ground vs enemy forces. (I can understand there being boss fights but still) - Map size to large (I understand your using the Warzone maps but still it should be scaled back more so to the size of a warzone assault map, when I do use a vehicle I have to drive a distance to get back into the fight) - 5 rounds only (this is beta so I’m hoping more rounds for later) - Only one type of Mythic boss (Hunter Elder really this is so played out, come on 343 get your artists to create more enemies and stop recycling cliched enemies. You have the whole covenant race to draw from, the human race,the prometheans, the forerunners, and the flood, at this point in the game I call it laziness and lack of imagination ;-)) P.s. oh and whatever cortana can do. - You can’t fortify your bases (at least turrets should have been added to the bases or randomly placed on the map, heck even adding a capture the base point to create shields that the enemy has to bust down would have been a fun idea.) - You have to chase down enemies to complete the mission (I guess this makes sense and it does kinda overrule the timer it keeps people from just sitting around and defeating enemies that way, which is essentially a positive.)Well that’s pretty much it, I’m sure there are more points to be made but I’m sure as the day wears on more forum posts will address everything.

Im just annoyed that I am still unable to connect to most of my games. I have only cleared about 4 games so far, 2- minutes have gone into trying to get my warzone firefight to load.

This is great to see you say things about the Beta but there is already a topic from 343 here that they will look at a lot more closely then ones people post by themselves.

It would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The hay stack will be smaller there

There is more than one mythic boss…you just have to play a few more games. They have it divided in promethean and covenant styles. Slightly different.

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> This is great to see you say things about the Beta but there is already a topic from 343 here that they will look at a lot more closely then ones people post by themselves.
> It would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The hay stack will be smaller there

I’m sure and if you know anything about anything they will be looking at all forum posts not just there own for feedback. But you know feel free to pile on nothing constructive.

How many games have you played? Because there is also a Mythic Warden. And as you said it is the beta, so more mythic enemies may be being worked on.

It’s like 343 didn’t play the original firefight.

To the people talking about the mythic warden,
Longer kill times =/= harder enemies. The mythic warden just stands there.

I love this game and think it’s the best Halo thus far and I’ve stated this numerous times, but this firefightis not fun. For once u agree with the Rose tinted goggle group, the original was better.

The original firefight was way better.

I think this game is on a fast track to improving. I keep stressing the point that this was the beta, and hopefully 343 improves firefight drastically cause this very game type could tip the scales and people may come back to Halo in droves. I have very high hopes for this game.

Do all the enemies have health bars and somewhat bullet spongy? Obviously the bosses are which sucks but what about the regulars

After playing a few matches of Firefight, I have a lot to cover:

Warzone Firefight, in its current state, feels more like a Spartan Ops mission. Instead of going through seasons of Spartan Ops, mechanics and objectives are simply randomized into the match. Warzone Firefight is more like Warzone Spartan Ops. For the full release of Firefight, I would recommend making the game feel more like Firefight, more like a survival mode. Insert lives back into the game, remove the timer, and bring back limitless rounds. A simple way to adjust RP earnings for limitless rounds would to base the RP earned on performance and time in the game. Sure this would require much more coding for the AI, but i don’t think its too far fetched, since Warzone Firefight doesn’t fully release until a few months from now.

At its current state, Warzone Firefight is too easy. Almost every match, I call in no reqs and we still win each time with 2 or more minutes to spare. Possibly adding skull combinations into rounds would help. Maybe more aggressive AI, could help increase difficulty as well.

The req system works beautifully inside Warzone Firefight. The only recommendation I have in terms of reqs, is to add more req stations through out the maps. It is a hassel to get to one in the short amount of time of the intermission.

With only a limited amount of req stations on the map, I is a hassle to get to one and call in a card before the intermission is over. Maybe adding 5 seconds would be a good idea.

Time Limit:
As I stated previously, the time limit should be replaced with a life system.

5 rounds is simply not enough. I feel like I blow through each game. Its not challenging in the slightest. Warzone Firefight has always been a go to game for the casual players. I was always about how long can you survive. This is what made Firefight fun and different, not the current setup.

8 players is a great amount. However, since the Warzone Firefight is too easy, this might have to shrink to 6 players. This is not what I would recommend, though. Trey other ways to increase the difficulty. I have listed a few ideas that might help.

Carnage Report/In Game Stats:
Deaths and assists should be added to the In Game Stats as well as the carnage report. Assist should also include wheelman assist as well to support drivers.

I’ve always believed the buddy system, or Reach system of spawn of players, would work wonders in Warzone. Warzone Firefight is no exception. This should be added to the game. Skulls are another thing that could make the matches more challenging a give them more variety.

Dynamic Challenges/Boasts:
Along with my suggestion of making Warzone Firefight more like a survival game, dynamic challenges and Boasts could still have a place. Instead of a requirement, dynamic challenges should be looked at as optional. Completing this task during a round would grant players with a boast. For example: During a round, a dynamic challenge could be to kill a certain solider in a certain time limit before he disappears. Doing so could grant a damage boast for the next round.