Firefight auto generated, custom enemy's

“Fire Fight” Auto Generated:
A mode that randomizes not only your foes but their weapons. This mode pulls random classes and forms of enemy forces with a randomized weapons set, like if it where in Halo Reach you might get a grunt with a UNSC Rocket Launcher or sniper etc, with the possible exception of Melee based weapons for certain classes. Basically you have no control over what comes out every round. You might get mostly grunts one round or all brutes the next, possibly a mix of hunters and elites zealots, basically anything.
This mode will also take randomization into effect with skulls and minor amounts of enemy health, shields and armour abilities but not so much that it takes away the effect of random unit classes.

This setup will also take into account for map spawned weapons (If enabled) and enemy vehicle units.

Hopefully with the idea of creating a constant and unique experience every round beyond that of the already existing setup as customization friendly as it has.

I understand that FireFight already has some randomization during play. But its still partly scripted and planned out.

“Fire Fight” Custom Enemy’s:

A setting that will allow users to decide what class and what weapon the enemy units have during play. A set number of slots, say ten, that you create your enemy’s in that you can load into firefight at will.

that would be JUST AWESOME…that spawns an idea of mine about firefight gamemodes, and that would be perfect