Firefight anyone?

Lookin for two more people for getting three firefight achievements (specifically crater chasm ten and lest exit). Hit me up if you’re interested.

I’m down i need those and any others your willing to help with. I’ll be on in about 2 hrs if you want to play GT: WhiteWolf1024

send me a friend request on xbl

I’m a bit busy this week, but if you send me a friend request and I catch you when you’re online I can join and help you in any FF achievements. GT: Commander Pery

I’m down to play Halo: ODST. Depending on what achievements your talking about. If its a Vidmaster one or two great. I’m open all week. my gamertag is- chuckrulez99. friend me and we can start playing

Im always down for some ODST

GT: CWhittle

Looks like you already have enough people, but if there are any more that you need, I would be willing to help