Firefight and vid master achievements

I need people to play halo odst haven’t played in a while but i need some help add me Innatewaif8

Well for the firefight ones. Just go on normal(or Heroic if your good, makes things a little faster) and play till the cheevo pops up on your own. I know it takes awhile but it wil get you though them.

This will save you having connection problems, disconnecting you when you nearly got the cheevo.

For the vismaster Endure, I may not be able to help directly(cause I am really out of sync with ODST)
But I recommend ONI alpha site interior. Cause you have more places to hide. And can split the enemys into two.

Also for all vidmasters that require a team, a mic helps a lot. Communication is key.
Specially cause you have limited lives in firefight, and Also the skull iron on in campaign.