Firefight and possibly new modes

So I love myself a good firefight want all the works wanna choose difficulty location even multiplayer with 3 guys but I was thinking of a new mode that could be interesting id would like to call it Last Man Standing throw 12 guys into any map and send a onslaught of legendary difficulty enemies to fight as the name implies whoever is the last one alive wins you’ll be scored by how much you kill and how long you survive I know this probably won’t happen and firefight probably won’t come out for a while but I can’t stop brainstorming like invasion what if when your playing elites and going threw objectives you occasionally get grunts or hunters to fight alongside you and humans could get marines and spartan 4 npc like the bots are pretty good and could make things interesting but then again we don’t even got and elite core yet hopefully just my wistfull thinking what kind of game modes does everyone else wanna see

The problem with modes like these is that its just incredibly unsatisfying to play a mode you can never win. Same reason I thought Zombies was awful back in the day.

Its all a matter of preference though, I just think that having to sit and watch the rest of your team for lengths of time would get old fast.

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I completely understand definitely a bridge you gotta close the gap on but I think at least zombies did it right because you could win you just got survive 2-3 minutes and if you do die you become a zombie and help the other team but your also right preferences are big overall I think I love all the gamemodes of every game think my least played is oddball but my top 3 are BTB infection and swat which will always be called swat in my eyes lol and if invasion came back I’d bop infection to 4th place