Firefight allies

IF we get to forge firefight, we should be able to choose what the allies are.
So say you forged a firefight about halo ODST, you could have your allies be ODSTs. Or say you have a map based on the end of CE aniversary, you could have a thirsty grunt along your side.

I agree, this would be totally awesome. Forging your own fir fight maps would be so much fun. Btw, How are do you become a master of Unicorns?

Wow. My keyboard must be messed up. that entire post looks awful in the grammar department

what if there were other spartans.

a master of unicorns is not a real rank it is just someone that has not gotten their real rank situated yet by the admins. I think it would be really sweet to forge firefight maps.

I also would like game modes where we get to play as different characters… like lets say a firefight mode where we play as forerunners or precursors whatever we are… and ODSTS… i really wanna be a ODST :3…