Firefight AI Pathfinding bugged and default waves altered?

Has anyone else noticed some problems with ODST firefight recently? I’ve found that a few AI keep loitering at the bottom of the Security Zone map, where they get dropped off.

I’ve also noticed that the wave composition has changed, with Brute Minors now appearing in the first round. In the Xbox 360 release of ODST, Minors only appeared after round 1 was completed.


I honestly figured something like this was going to happen when the custom sets were implemented, everything was a preset cycle that gradually changed, but now since we just have stock segmented sets like reach there’s only so many combos we can do.

Yellow hunters also could be thrown into any pair before without the thunderstorm skull needed.
Not sure if that’s been fixed yet.


I swear drones weren’t in firefight at all, now they’re every like 7th round.