Firefight achievements need help

I’m going to be on April 19th, tomorrow, most of the day & will be waiting for friend request so that if you need help you can get these achievements along w/ me out of the way. I’m going for the Firefight Achievements obviously from the title :stuck_out_tongue:

Lost Platoon
Rally Point
Alpha Site
Chasm Ten
Last Exit

Normal, most likely or Heroic

These are the only ones I’m going for at the time as i do need to finish the story on heroic or legendary, deja vu & endure. Like said these are it & i need at least 2 people which would be appreciated.

I’ll be on tommorow i’ll shoot you a message.

Sweet my gamertag is Avery Brock…yeah my name. You can see how creative i am.

I’ll be on all day today.

Just send Avery Brock a friend request if you want in on the achievements.

Looking for people again today to help w/ this. Achievement grabbing will not begin before 7 Eastern time. Maybe 6:30 if everything goes well.

Hey dude, I’ll do the achievements with you if you want. I’ll add you.

I also need some Firefight achievements if I can, I’ll help!!

The Spartan 1 Project’s Brigade can help you with 200k’s (20-25mins/map)

I’ll add you guys, or you add me, whatever is easier, if you folks are still doing these.