Firefight 3.0 to have own specific disc to open more opportunities for the experience?

Okay fellow Halo fans, I have been thinking a lot about this idea and I think it would be a great way to help keep Firefight fresh and new and attracting more gamers to the experience. What I have been thinking is, what if 343i made a separate disc specifically made for Firefight in Halo 4?

Now here me out everyone. What this could possibly add is for more opportunities to be included into the Firefight experience. It would be like, it’s own separate game, if you will. What this new Firefight experience can include is an all new way of playing Firefight. My idea was to include “Objective-based type scenarios.” What this means is basically having objectives like you would see in campaign, but smaller. One of my ideas for an objective would first have the Firefight map located in say, “The Library” or “343 Guilty Spark”. (The maps can be levels throughout all of the Halo games, it doesn’t need to follow canon to the Halo 4 campaign.) What you and your buddies would have to do is fight increasingly difficult waves of Flood. After fighting about 1 Round of Flood, you and your teammates will receive a radio call from a nearby Pelican with a marine saying along the lines of, “We have located your position Spartans, meet us at the rendezvous so we can pick you up and have the Index secured.” This is where the real fun begins.

After receiving the radio dispatch, a new part of the level opens up.(kinda how 343 GS opened the doors up in the Library to reveal a new part of the level) As you are trying to get to the pelican, increasingly difficult waves of Flood start to approach and try kill you at the same time you are getting to the pelican through rooms and corridors. If you die, you just spawn in a nearby ammo cache room or something. For this experience, you could choose to set up the match being timed or the number of lives you have. If you decide to time it, you will have to make it to the Pelican in time before The Flood close in on the Pelican’s position and infects the marine crew inside. This will cause a mission failure. If you decide to leave it to how many lives you have, I think its kinda self explanatory.

If you manage to get to the Pelican safely or within the time frame, you will choose to board the Pelican by holding X in the back seat area, and you will enjoy a satisfying cutscene of the Pelican flying away with all your buddies on board. What do you guys think of this idea? Is it something you would really like to see, play and to have as a new addition to our beloved Halo games?? Post some of your ideas of some Objective based type scenarios and give the level you would want it in. Feel free to post concerns and the like.

I don’t think it needs its own disk. I’m sure if 343 did this, they will find a way to keep it all in one disk.

plus Xbox 360 discs are being upgraded to have more storage space. I think the previous title update was to prepare the system for when they roll the new discs out, among other things.

Oh wow thats awesome! I never knew that. Well yeah if they could fit that feature on one disk that would be great!