Firefight 200k help needed

I am looking for people to help me with the 200,000 points achievements on: Crater, Lost Platoon, Rally Point, Security Zone, Alpha Site, and Chasm Ten. If you would like to help, comment or message me. My gamertag is boxiestproduct1. Also, you must have a mic.

I’ll be free Tuesday or Wednesday after 7:00PM Eastern time if you would like me to help.

One thing that would help a lot is if people here would upload achievement game films to their H3 fileshare, and then post what they’ve done. I’ve got Chasm and Platoon (both solo) in mine. Have a look to see how I did it. There may be better ways, but it worked.

I’ve completed Chasm, Lost Platoon, Windward and Alpha Site 200k achievements. Send me a FR. I’m willing to help others on the maps I’ve done. Still need Rally, Last Exit, Crater and Security Zone. Rally looks to be the hardest. So far, Lost Platoon was the easiest, both solo and coop. Chasm the most fun. Thanks, LM

The biggest factor is having a reliable host that won’t lag. I know I have 25Mbps down and up, so compared to that, someone may or may not have a better connection.

Those really are not to difficult to get alone.

This thread should provide some of the additional detail related to the 200k cheevos.