FireFall for £5 yeah no

£5 for a single helmet? You must be joking. I would pay £5 for the full armour set. But you’re honestly joking at that markup. This is the most over inflated store costs in any game I’ve played in the last 5 years. I’d take the REQ system back because at least then I can get my stuff for free.


Idk why they even got rid of it, with the popularity of apex, figure following a progression/unlock system like that just-

Oh right, money.


Oh, I was happy to see that helmet available. I immediately spent those 700 CR. Worth about $7.00 USD. I am so glad that they did away with the REQ system. I never purchased a single REQ.

Just trick to get the ODST fans to cough up.

Only works on the weak minded though.

Ah yes, because we obviously know the coders work for free, along with the play testers, concept artist, the leads for all these different divisions. Oh let’s not forget they spent no time at all making it and making sure it doesn’t crash the servers on release like an animated banner from a certain BR game. Halo “fans” will really complain about anything at this point

A reach system would be the best imo. Earn credits through gameplay and can then be spent in the store. They could have a premium currency that can only be bought with money and boom. A perfect system that is fair to both parties

Pretty sure they don’t need $1000 from each player per season to make a profit

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Not everyone will pay that amount, just the battle pass for the reach armor

Ironic because unlike every other lootbox system ever, the REQ packs never gave you duplicate cosmetics so there was an upper limit to how much money you could actually give them until it became pointless.


Whales will pay that amount, lol. Add in the BP for a lot of people and they are making more money than most AAA games with a paid box model. And the thing is, all that extra money never goes to the devs, it all goes to the higher ups. They don’t need money, they are just milking people

I’m aware of this, I’m against those business practices however until you can pay the devs directly, this is as close we can do

Or they could just make the system fair, lol

The company spent $500 Million on Halo Infinite.

In order for that to not be considered a waste by typical accounting standards, they will have to make $600 Million within a fiscal year post-launch.

Making the system fair to the player will result in the company filing for bankruptcy as they won’t have enough to pay off the loan sharks (corporate investors)

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They aren’t going to make $600 million in a year, lol

They sure are trying to at least.
Hence why the Shop system has over-priced items.
Honestly, going back to something similar to the REQ system would be better, although I hope they don’t do that because they might change it to include Duplicate cosmetics.

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Yup. And obviously it isn’t working

Eh it seems to be working.
Sure people are mad about it, but I keep on getting in matches with people with shop-exclusive items.

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Interesting, from what I understand Bungie was given 500 million and they have 2 games. So where the hell did that 500 million go, because it sure as hell wasn’t put into creating content seeing how the game was stripped to barebone and we’re basically still playing the beta?

I’m sorry, this is a lie knowing the shop isn’t their only source of income, and most likely they will be selling expansions on top of everything else given the fact that it’s a 10-year plan. Not to mention that players that buy from shops these days have quadruple if not more.

They would need a lot of people to buy a lot of stuff to be able to make $600 mill by the end of the year

Typically when developing a game, nearly HALF of the budget is used for marketing.
And Destiny and Destiny 2 are games that run off of basically the same engine, whereas 343 upgraded the Blam! Engine into the Slipspace Engine (admittedly a bit sloppy) so that also cut into the budget.

This is typical game business.
You make a lot of money on intial release when everyone buys the game… but then for the next couple of years you have no income other than loan sharks.
Thus were born DLCs and Microtransactions as a way to make money more consistently and allow you to be a bit more loose with the budget limits.