Fire to remove filth (Covenant Role Play thread)

Hello this is something I wanted to try out. Welcome to fire to remove filth. This is an RP that takes place during the human covenant war, as such it will be entirely covenant based. please note everyone has a personal life so some users may be to busy to attend some days.

Also please note this is currently in the experimental stages… the current date will be 2532

No killing other people’s characters
No unlimited ammo/energy
No god tier characters
No teleporting
No promethian weapons, this takes place during the human covenant war.
No controlling other people’s character unless they give you permission

You are free to play any covenent species you wish.
Here’s a few examples of what your character(S) could be doing if they are a certain race

Sangheili (Elites): pretty much anything, but remember the elites fight with honor.

Ungoy (Grunts): mostly used to charge into the battle first, the exception being a Deacon who is more of a priest.

Kig Yar (Jackals and skirmishers): you could be on the front lines or a sniper support, some jackals even get their own ships so they can stay to their races pirate ways.

Lekgolo (Hunters): if you make a hunter character your going to be playing two of them, we should all know what hunters do right? Blow everything up.

Yanme’e (drones): playing this you could play as a whole swarm. Drones mostly are maintenance workers if there isn’t a hurogok around. They also are used with strength in numbers to overwhelm their enemies

Jiralhanae (brutes): for the most part you will be in a pack, whether you are a chieftain or a whelp is up to you. Mostly you would be barbarically slaughtering humans or toying with them if you keep prisoners for food.

Hurogok (engineer): fix everything… not much else to say, if you communicate then you might need a Deacon to talk to as the hurogok communicate with a subtle sign language that Deacon grunts know.

San shyumm (prophets): pretty much boring politics… there are the three main prophets ( truth, mercy, and regret.) Then there are lesser prophets which dictate the council and sometimes will be on a fleet of ships to over see it. But can also just be simple librarians.

Now that that’s all out of the way the first step is to make yourself a character… choose a race, rank, equipment, physical appearance, and all that jazz.
note that if you do not specify that your elite works alone or not you, will be given a squad based on your elites rank. If you are in a brute pack you will always be in a pack with your brutes but will get some jackals and grunts with you if you choose to have them.

Main Ranks:
Minor (blue) 4 grunts, 3 jackals to command.
Major (red) 2 minor elites, 5 jackals, and 6 grunts to command.
Ultra (white) 4 major elites, 4 minor elites, between 8-16 jackals, and between 8-16 grunts to command.
Ship master/Fleet master (gold) an entire ship or fleet at your command
Zealot (can be gold, grey, and black.) An entire fleet at your command
Other ranks/specialities:
Ranger (space combat)
Councilor (more boring politics)
Honor gaurd (special gaurds for the prophets)

Grunts don’t entirely have a rank… other than canon fodder and Deacon. Deacon is basically a priest or the grunts voice of the prophets… where as the canon fodder is just fodder.

Jackals and skirmishers:
Main soldier
Ship master

Your choice… assault beam or fuel rod?

Mostly used as maintenance workers or as assault unites in swarms.

Minor (minor)
Captain (major)
Chieftain (ultra)
War chieftain (ship master)

You just fix stuff…

San shyumm:
Are you a political influence? A librarian? Or any other major position the san shyumm would

Fill your character out in this format:
Physical Appearance:
Ship (if applicable):
Fleet name (if applicable):
Anything else you want to put:

Now that all that’s done the only thing left is for you to post your character and have it reviewed by me. If I approve it then you will be able to hop right it. Just follow the rules.

The first mission will be to locate forrunner artifacts on a heavily guarded human planet. Currently the covenant do not know about the human presence.

This is my character… or at least my main one I’ll be using, I may use more in the future.

Race: Sangheili
Rank/specialty: fleet master
Equipment: plasma rifle, energy sword
Age: 33
Physical Appearance: missing one finger on his left hand, missing right eye
Ship (if applicable): CAS carrier: Shadow Of Qikost (one of Sangheilos’s moons)
Fleet name (if applicable): helm of retribution

Biogrophy: Nos Leygall is a Sangheili of his word. If he makes a promise he will honor it to his dying breath,During the days of the human covenant war he rose quickly in ranks as his units gained victory after victory, never suffering a defeat against the humans. The prophets saw this and quickly promoted him to fleet master where he now commands the Helm Of Retribution on his CAS carrier the Shadow Of Qikost.
He will always fight with honor, and prefers a fair fight. He is even known for giving human opponent’s his own weapons while he uses a spare. He prefers to fight up close and when his plasma rifle is depleted he will use his energy sword to last as long as he can: however if needed he will always use the weapons of his enemies against them.

List of people who are in the role play:

Reserved for the future in case I need it.