Fire Team Raven Progression not working

So the other day I played Halo Fire Team Raven and I made sure I was playing as the female ODST but none of my progression registered and I did everything I had to do. I scanned the QR code, Logged into my account, I placed my phone on the machine scanner after every single mission and none of it went into my progress. I go over to my Fire Team Raven Service records and the female ODST it has incomplete on everything so non of my progress registered. I don’t get to play Raven Much because the closes machine is out of town it’s a whole town over to get there it’s a 2 and a half hour Drive and I don’t drive so I need someone to take me there so playing the game is very rare for me so what do I do now how do I get my progression added.
What would be a good idea is if they added Fire Team Raven to MCC and I could get my progression that way

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Sucks to hear this!

Did you see your gamertag pop up on screen on the arcade machine when you logged in?

I would definitely submit a support ticket:


Would love this with some kind of light-gun support.

I submitted a ticket for this same issue but was told nothing could be done :frowning:

When you were playing, did you see your gamertag on the screen?

No, I did not sadly.

If your gamertag didn’t show up on screen while playing - you weren’t linked.

That’s probably an issue at the arcade itself, not with the Halo Waypoint team.

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