If anyone wants to play some co-op Legendary reply to this forum and we can start right away… I will be up all night and I have a Mic… Also, I have beat the campaign solo legendary and am just looking for anyone interested in co-op… Finally, you must have a mic as well… Thanks and I hope to hear soon…

Hey bud, did you get anyone to run with you. I’m wanting to play on legendary with a squad. I’ve not beat the campaign yet. Been waiting for some friends to beat it on legendary with but we can never seem to get on at the same time so I’m looking for a group to join.

I don’t mind helping out if you need it.

I gotta do all the missions on legendary from mission 5. if you guys are still online, invite me please!

Just add me to your fireteam!

just invite me in if i should be online at the same time like you,
if you need another gun