<mark>Do not call out individuals.</mark>

Although I love halo 5’s campaign that I can over look some of the writing, not everybody likes it. If somebody knows how to contact 343i tell them to fire <mark>REDACTED</mark> after escalations. And to everybody else pass the message.


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> who?

He’s the lead writer at 343. A lot of people dislike him for Escalation and Halo 5 for

Killing off Black Team
Killing off Jul 'Mdama
Making Spartan Ops completely pointless

I agree he is a very bad writer and as long as he’s at the helm for the writing, I expect every halo campaign going to be very bad until hes out.

Get Joseph Staten back or something. He’s no longer with Bungie.

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> Get Joseph Staten back or something. He’s no longer with Bungie.

He has to be the lead writer for Halo 6. He has returned to Halo with that new book about the Shipmaster. I’m pretty sure that if he gets offered the job, he will take it.

You want to fire him? Ok send 343i your manuscript for the next campagin and see if it gets through. Just because you disagree with someones work doesnt give you a right to -Yoink- with their livelihood. Are there better writers sure, but Im sure he worked hard. No need to ask to fire him just because you dont like his work.

Oh he wrote the “Spartan ops” script. Did he write the cut scenes or the banter for the in game play. The cut scenes were good but the game play script and banter was just horrible horrible. H5 story line was good but yeah some of the conversations weren’t great. Like the scene when Roland first found out went cortana was alive and got mad that Lasky said Master Chief went abscent without leave and Halsey said John can’t speak to Cortana… then Roland chimes in and is like Cortana didn’t “trick the Master Chief”… I was like hello Roland no one said any of the sorts. Not a well written scene at all.

And I will admit it was pretty lame for Jul to be taken out so quickly and easily.

<mark>Do not call out individuals</mark>

<mark>REDACTED</mark> needs to go. I’m sorry for him but he has no respect and no place in Halo.