Fire rate decreasE(?)

I apologize if this has already been talked about but I’m not going to look through all the pages to see if it has. Haven’t been on here for awhile because I really haven’t cared about much. But I think the magnum needs a downgrade (Anniversary playlists/game modes). I don’t mean the damage, since it’s supposed to be like the original CE magnum. But that one sure didn’t fire as fast as the Reach one does. Now I don’t know if it’s actually possible to even do it, I’m just saying. For people to be able to just repeatedly pull the trigger and have close to every shot hit is bull. Yeah I get at close range it’s not really going to matter. But with someone further away to win that fight against a person who is pacing it doesn’t seem right. Especially if it’s halfway across the map, they get time to hide, reload, and come back and finish the person off seems a bit hard to understand. It seems like it should be more like the rate of fire from Halo 3’s magnum

this is exactly what what reach needs a fire rate change

please 343 slow down the rate of fire