Fire of ONYX Clan Recruitment

Are you looking for a Halo 5 clan? If so you should consider joining the Fire of ONYX. We were originally a clan on Reach, but we are currently preparing for the transition to 5. A link to the website that we used for Reach is here, but a lot will change when Halo 5 Comes out. When I say that I mean that the Rules of Engagement will be completely re-wrote and the promotion from division to division will change. We have also completely redone the ranking structure. The Fire of ONYX and the High Council of ONYX will be hopefully up a week or two after 5 comes out. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, message me at IChief AlphaI.

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    “Fight with our brothers, die with our brothers.” - Marines Motto

these clans are funny lol

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> these clans are funny lol


The Fire of ONYX is back and has a total of about 30 members. If anyone is interested in joining, please message IChief AlphaI or Littledjdog for recruitment. You can also submit an application to our website at There is a weekly post on Saturdays of the website for information about what is going on with the clan and any other news regarding the Fire of ONYX and allies. Our Spartan Company is Fire of ONYX for future reference if you are interested in joining.

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    Allied Council of ONYX Chairman.