Fire Fight Feedback

Before I get into my long winded post about FF, I wanted to give a tip or 2 that I think would enhance the experience. I think implementing daily and wkly challenges (similar to Reach) to FF would be a great new addition and be a way to ACTUALLY REWARD players for their time and effort. Daily’s should drop multiple silver tiered REQs and wkly should be gold. Currently I do not feel rewarded enough to justify continuously using all my REQs and have basically no way to get them back.

  • ScoringThis seems to be a topic that no one is really talking about, but I have a couple of things that are bothering me at the moment. The main issue I have is why do I not get wheelman assists when I’m driving the warthog? Seriously, is this a bug of some kind? Why did 343 decided to hang us drivers out the window and not reward us for our excellent whip game skills? I love driving the warthog, but I’m seriously being neglected on the score board and in the REQ department. Sure, splattering grunts and soldiers is fun, but so is helping my fellow spartan gun down tons of adds. Is this issuing being addressed? I sure hope so.

I’m also confused on how much damage I need to do to a boss so that I also get the points for tackling these bullet spounges. There have been plenty of times where I think I’m DPSing the boss enough, only to find out I didn’t do enough.

  • REQ Leveling and Energy RefillThis is certainly an area of discussion, with many feeling its perfect the way it is and others feeling its very difficult to reach max REQ level. For me personally, it can be difficult, especially since I love to drive the warthog. I wish it rewarded more points of PLAYING AS A TEAM instead of lone wolfing it. Assists should matter.

My main issue with the REQ system is that its impossible to beat a level of FF w/o having to use your REQs and yet, the reward system seems to be stingy with its rewards. Why do I have to play 3-5 rounds in order to get enough points to buy a silver pack? Could it be b/c 343 wants players to pay real money to get those gold packs? hmmm… I wonder…

The game needs to be more rewarding all around. Right now, its way too much of a grind and there are more than enough games out now that give players their grind fix. I don’t want Halo to become a job and right now, it totally is. Which, ultimately…just isn’t fun.

  • Objective RoundsI think most enjoy the obj rounds but hate how they aren’t marked. Many seem to be dependent on doing something to activate a spawn without actually telling players directly what they need to do to complete the round. Its just feels -Yoink- and cheap.

I also wish that during the intermission there was a marker of some kind of letting the players know where the next spawn location will be. Having to defend a base that is across the map and that is already under attack just isn’t fun. Some of the objectives, just as Defend the core on Urban, might just me impossible. Having so many soldiers with cannons, spawing RIGHT NEXT TO THE OBJECTIVE makes it impossible. It is not fun seeing such an objective and even less so getting destroyed by a cheap encounter.

  • Boss RoundsI, like many in this post, feel some of the bosses are next to impossible due to location and when they actually spawn. For ex, Wardens on Apex 7 at level 2 or 3 is next to impossible. I’d say it is impossible with Randoms, and maaybe doable with a full team (shame I don’t have 7 friends that love Halo anymore).

Another issue that has been brought up a bunch is just how much damage it takes to kill them. I get they are bosses, but dang…do they have to be THAT much of a bullet sponge. I personally love the giant grunt encounter due to the movement of that boss. He jumps all around and is generally pretty fun to fight. My only real beef with that encounter is his SUPER-TRACKING-DONT-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-TRYING-TO-AVOID-ME needler blast. Granted, that is an issue with many of the bosses. They have too many attacks that ONE SHOT you and its just not fun to fight against. Sure, maybe if I could spawn stronger vehicles to dps the bosses, but then again I can’t b/c of how cheap the reward system is.

  • SpawningSpawning needs to be drastically improved. Enemies spawning DIRECTLY in the objective somehow seemed like a good idea? Huh? How? Its not fun to play against. Also, spawning in a vehicle, only to find out that its on the entire opposite side of the map and having to drive 45 secs - 90 secs to get into the action isn’t fun and its a complete waste of a very important REQ card.

Why am I unable to select where I want to spawn? Isn’t that a feature in the reg WarZone? Why is FF missing it?

  • MapsIll just list my win loss stats and let those do the talking.

Escape from A.R.C - 28 games completed, 18 wins.
Skirmish at Darkstar - 21 games completed, 12 wins.
Raid on Apex 7 - 20 games completed, 1 win.
Attack on Sanctum - 19 games completed, 12 wins.
Urban - 18 games completed, 1 win.
March on Stormbreak - 16 games completed, 6 wins.

As you can see, some of those maps are designed well and others aren’t. Apex 7 and Urban just have terrible encounters with massively overpowered objectives that just seem next to impossible to complete. Defend the core on Urban and Wardens on Apex 7 just do not offer the REQ packs to complete in time.

I personally love the final encounters on Sanctum. They have some challenge but are totally doable. I love the amount of vehicle destruction that happens on that final encounter. Lots of fun!

  • Intros/OutrosAlthough I really could care less about them and they are really buggy at the moment (no sound effects with only Palmer’s VO working)

  • Replayability/Longevity –I do enjoy playing FF. I loved it in ODST and even more so in Reach b/c of how fun it was. The reason why I loved it in Reach was b/c it was fun. Rocket Fight was sure fun and one could get a couple of friends together and have some chilling fun killing enemies for hours. This iteration of FF feels really cheap due to how OP every enemy feels. Grunts and Crawlers should NEVER be able to kill in 2-4 shots, but somehow they do. FF now feels as though one needs to be MLG pro and go full on tryhard just to play a game that was designed to be fun.

For me to stay with FF in the long run, I need to feel powerful (not easy mode powerful, but maybe Heroic difficulty powerful) and rewarded for my time. Currently its too much time to get RNG rewards that take too many games to earn, even with boosts. Increase the silver and gold tier packages and the amount of RP points players get for completing and winning a game and watch how many people flock and stay in FF.

  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?My favorite thing to do in FF is get into a warthog with some friends and destroy everything in our path. I wish I could spawn in more Oni and rally warthogs, but the terrible RNG reward system neglects to give me the rewards I enjoy most. Guess that might also be the worst part of the whole FF system: Not being rewarded for my time with the weapons and gear I want to use.

The reason I posted this on the main forum is due to the fact that I’ve been trying to post this feedback for 2 days and kept getting an error code and to try to post it later. So, instead of posting this feedback in the correct post, I had to post it here due to the forums not working.

In addition to virtually everything OP said, I am also hating the unnecessarily long respawn times in later rounds and the time limit. The time limit is another huge reason why Warzone FF isn’t as fun as it could be for me.

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> In addition to virtually everything OP said, I am also hating the unnecessarily long respawn times in later rounds and the time limit. The time limit is another huge reason why Warzone FF isn’t as fun as it could be for me.

I totally forgot about that in my post. I’m with the majority on the community that the respawn times need to be drastically decreased. I personally feel that they should not be over 10-15 secs. The game is supposed to be about FUN and waiting 30 secs to get back into a game filled with massively OP enemies and reckless driving teammates, sure isn’t what I would call “fun”.

I just started playing firefight and the respawn times are killing me. Also like you said, enemies spawning at objectives is annoying. I feel like Reach’s firefight was more fun and more laid back compared to this one.

As an aside…

Does anyone know why wheelman assists are not classified as actual assists?

Does anyone know if wheelman assists are even medals in the game? Did 343 remove them from the game?