"Finishing" Silver Packs

I’ve heard a lot of this and that about the progression from bronze to silver to gold packs, but nothings really ever made sense!

The only consistent thing I’ve heard is that you’ll eventually stop getting perm unlocks from packs once you’ve maxed out on a certain rarity.

I’ve followed this progression method for quite some time now, so now I’m curious - I’m opening mostly rare perm’s from my silver packs, Does this mean I should be able to move onto gold packs soon and start seeing legendary reqs that aren’t boosts?

Have a look in your requisitions collection, see how many rares are left unlocked. That will tell you how far you have left to go to complete silvers. When you start getting two sets of 1500 req points instead of unlocks, that will mean you’ve completed silver.

edit: apart from emblems. Some of those rare ones are only unlocked through commendations. There is a forum member who regularly posts emblem lists and unlock requirements.

Yes once you “finish” silver packs (get the 2 1500 req point cards) and move onto golds you will unlock ultra rare and legendary items such as mantis, rocket hogs, phaetons etc

Thanks guys! I don’t have that many commons/unccommons left, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

when you get close you can count the number of silvers you need. just quick go thru your loadouts/customisation etc and count the uncommon/rares still needed. Dont try counting emblems, many of em are commendation emblems. think i was lvl 80’ish when i got my 2x1500 req points in a silver pack. Great feeling, and opening golds are great when you know there will be something delicious in them.

go grind.

btw, for all of you guys, the best req/xp grind is by far swat. usually 5-6min and gives 7-800 without any boosts.