Finishing a warzone match with nothing

I won a warzone match 1000 to 600, but in the carnage report, the game “couldn’t find my data” so it kicked me into another lobby and didn’t a single increment of RP or XP. I’ve also seen various minor screw ups since the latest update. It’s really been messing up the game lately

Does it show up on your game history? Sometimes it takes a few minutes but the data eventually gets added to your profile.

Happened to me just now.

I went from SR 86 to 1 apparently and can’t use any reqs in warzone too. Not gaining xp or rq points either and this has been like this since like 5PM gmt. it’s 10 pm now… Also in this website when I check the Halo 5 stats it says “there’s a problem on their part”. What’s going on?