Finished weekly challenges in 2 days, also unable to get to minimum 10 event levels

Hello everyone,

I assume this is happening to others but i do recall 343 saying that it should be highly unlikely that anyone would be able to complete the weekly challenges. I get its still a beta but i finished my weekly challenges in about 2 days and only got to event level 7 where i needed to be at a minimum of lvl 10 for each of the three weeks in order to finish at the end of week three.

Anyways what i want to know is does anyone else have this issue where they are still running out of weekly challenges?


think ima end at 7 or 8

The event will appear 6 times from what I’ve seen. That means if 7 is max a week we will need 4 full weeks and a few on the 5th.

It’s coming more than just 3 times. That’s why there’s some ellipsis (…) at the end of the 3rd date.

It’s supposed to come back around 5 times.

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You can see more times in the Waypoint app. Interestingly enough, the first listed time is before the beta even launched.


Are we not supposed to post links? I’ve seen other posters remove the b from https, so I did too just to be safe.

What the hell even is the point haulting progression from players that actually want to earn all of it as fast as possible?
You can easily tell they are going to drip feed content because they don’t have much to give players down the line.
This is exactly what Destiny 2 was doing.

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Got all week challenges done ( so at least i dont have to play fiesta anymore) but now its like punching trees for XP . Here I go leveling up 20 games at a time to get challenge swaps… yay?

Guess my sentiment is that the rewards arnt all that great so i want them frequently.
also since i see how fast the challenges get progress… it means that since I play more per week than others it wont really matter in the end. Someone can play just challenges and done. And we will both end up at LVL 100 at around the same time. So there is not even a reward for the greater amount of time spent playing… so I continue to play for nickels ( and nickles that have a heavy inflation going against it)

I dont mind paying; I havent bought the pass yet, but i have a strict dont buy pre lease rule. I want to see if any thing is bundled in the actual release. I probly will never buy $20 dollar amor though. But even with battle pass its pretty minimal progress for not all that great rewards in my humble opinion.

I too am just about done the weeklys, but I shouldn’t be. I’ve been playing a lot this past week, but under normal circumstances 1-3 games/day is a lucky day. At that pace, I probably wouldn’t get done in time.

People cried about the challenges being too hard so they removed most of the difficult ones like the shade turret. Also it’s called a fractured event because its fractured. You can max out on that progression. You need to play all 3 weeks of the event

actually 30 levels at 7 max per week… so have to play min of 3.5 weeks of the 5 weeks planned

Yep… pay and time walls for all. Gotta love live service garbage.

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4.5 of the 5…
7x4=28 then two more in week five for 30