Finished the Campaign...oh wait...WTF??

So ive recently finished the campaign on Legendary, and after the credits and everything, on that black screen while im waiting for the sweet sound of the achievements to pop…IT DIDNT!!

went to check my achievements and i didn’t get the “complete the campaign solo on Legendary”, so i was like wtf! i went to check my missions list and turns out that apparently there are three missions i did not complete (Forerunnner, Infinity, and the one after it, Reclaimer i think :s)

why the hell did this happen? and HOW?? now i have to finish those three missions all over again and i really dont feel like it, has this happened to anybody? any explanations would be gret. Thanks.

Forerunner and Composer did this to me as well. It’s really quite annoying, I did get the achievments though, just under Commendations it showed I hadn’t completed them.

The same happened to me also…boy was I mad. Only one mission did not give me credit, but it did ruin that sense of accomplishment.

Didn’t happen to me, must be your connection.

> Didn’t happen to me, must be your connection.

self-centered aren’t we.
OP - breath

Finish them online and in one sitting. Apparently continuing your save causes you to not get credit.

Did you RESUME CAMPAIGN or did you load up a checkpoint? I had this happen to me on mission 8… I had gotten to the part where you insert cortana into a pedistle and when you are supposed to defend her while she does something and you’re assaulted by a ton of prom dogs, but my game wouldn’t let me take continue after that. So I killed myself and unfortunately my checkpoint was right at that time. So i quit and restarted at the last check point, and even though It shows I completed it on waypoint, I didn’t get achievements or anything.

Oh well…guess ill just have to complete them again, dont have any other choice do i? but damn im getting Effin pissed at Cortana to make us go through all this trouble

NoD GP-ummm im not quite sure, i certainly didnt finish it in one sitting though, i kept “resuming campaign” and whenever im done i used to “save and quit”

and i also used to play forerunner and the two missions after it in different houses :stuck_out_tongue: i.e. i would take my xbox to my cousin’s and play it there, could this be the cause?

You guys need to speak to Caboose for your Bleep Bloop!!!


Did you hit “save and quit” then later “resume campaign”?

you lost me :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is why I have no incentive to finish the campaign.

Just a few days ago, my connection went screwy while I was playing Requiem so I had to save and quit and get that fixed then resume. Looks like I won’t be getting my achievement, armor, or visor. :confused:

save and quit doesn’t effect anything i did it and i got the achievements

> save and quit doesn’t effect anything i did it and i got the achievements

Caboose saved the day,


Bleep Bloop!!!

Same thing happened to me.

I got the Achievements though, but everywhere you look (My Service Record, Waypoint) It says I have only done 7/8


So I have no idea what mission it is… I have done both Prologue and Epilogue Cutscenes again and it didn’t change anything.