Finished my battlepass, now what?

Finished my battlepass earlier this week, and well, I’m honestly finding it a bit of a struggle to keep playing for no rewards other than the complete all weekly challenges cosmetic (which have largely been meh so far) and the rewards from the once per month events. There are like 5 months to go before the next season begins, that is an incredibly long wait. This game badly needs better progression asap, things like:

  • A career progression system in addition to the battlepass progression system (we know this one is coming already, but the devs have called it a long term goal, meaning that we probably won’t be seeing it for many months). Hopefully when this does eventually come progress will be retroactive for all XP that we have earned previously, including the XP we are earning after finishing the season 1 battlepass.
  • In-game credit earning. I would feel much more motivated to keep playing if I was getting like 10 credits per daily challenge and 30-50 credits per weekly challenge.
  • Better “complete all weekly challenge” rewards
  • Career challenges such as skins for getting a certain number of kills with each weapon, a certain number of headshots with each weapon, a certain number of vehicles kills, etc.

Great points. Id love a career stat page or something. In Reach we could work towards Commendations. It would be nice to have something like that again.


Agreed, would love to see something like that.

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I agree with you Halo 5 had (max rank) and extenstive commendations to aim for right down to individual weapons kills. I love HI’s gameplay but I can’t even see my MP/ KDA or spartans killed stats.,win loss ratio etc. I finished the BP 2 weeks ago and all I have to aim for is the weekly ultimate, which I complete in a couple of days. I know they have to cater to the casuals who only play for a few hours per week., but they can’t forget they hardcore players. Ranked is fine but if there should be a reset like in Halo 5 or everyone will be top tier by the time the next battle-pass arrives in May.

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“What do we do now?”

“What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game.”


Goddamnyou, you beat me to it.

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Maybe grind some ranked?

And they said people would never run out of things to do in Infinite… Sure why not work on some forges! Maybe see if you can find a rare weapon combo for one of the campaign missions or reach a rare unexplored area on the map, oh wait thats meaningless…

In Halo 5 we had the same situation. Once i reached level 152 (max level in Halo 5) what did i do?
Still played Halo 5 the next 2 years after i got lv 152.
I also reached lv 100 on my premium battlepass in Halo Infinite. What im doing now? Playing social MP and the campaign.

Me after customizing for 4 hours in an RPG

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Uh… I guess play the game for fun?

I don’t want to be that girl, but, like. If you need a carrot on a stick to have fun you should probably play something that doesn’t require that.

I really worry about the way gamers have been conditioned. We really should not be collectively chasing dragons like this.

You make some good point that I will address. But first ill address the title. Play and keep playing because it bring you joy to play. Chasing levels and armor is a very minor factor all things considered as I assume having all the cosmetics and being max level is a game that you do not find fun to play would be an awful experiance.

Not for weekly or dailies. But like 100 for the ultimate challenge would be fair. Which would work into your next point.

I would like to see the return of the commendation system too.

I just finished mine too and not having something to work towards has made me realize how empty this game is right now (especially without BTB working). I’ll still grind for weekly’s that aren’t an emblem or nameplate but other than that challenges have zero meaning and I’m much less drawn in.
I feel like I’m more drawn into MCC and H:5 where there’s very often something I’ve never played before in customs and robust progression systems. Only thing really keeping me playing infinite right now is the core gameplay is rock solid and its new.

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I also finished the BP last night. I’ll continue to play the game regardless as I enjoy playing with my friends…but I’ll have to admit that if they didn’t play it then I’d absolutely have no reason or motivation to play this game in its current state (and by that I mean the desync and crossplay issues not anything to do with XP progression).

I have absolutely no motivation to complete all the weekly challenges for a crappy emblem that has been on rotation for weeks, and the XP rewarded for completing those challenges or playing games is obviously pointless and meaningless. I may complete the challenges just by playing but I most certainly won’t be going out of my way to do them, change my playlists, play style or use challenge swaps. As others have said, despite trying to enjoy playing the game and have fun, what is there here now in this game to keep me wanting to play or aim towards? The answer is NOTHING.

I find it hard to believe that they didn’t have think about this during development or failed to implement it if they did. Again, it’s just more evidence that 343i are incompetent.

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@K0NSPIRACY Agreed, It’s funny you bring up the friends thing, my friend just got a series x and I’m excited to play with him because he hasn’t yet but at this point its like being a parent on Christmas vs being the kid

30-50 credits per weekly is quite high and I doubt they would ever let that through. I could agree with 15 credits per weekly and a 5 credits for finishing all daily’s.

50 coins x 20 = 1000 credits
30 coins x 20 = 600 credits
10 x 42 = 420 credits (nice)

Total = Between 1420 and 1020

At this bracket they would ramp store prices because you can buy a bundle a week or every other week. I can’t see them doing it. That would force a loss and because again they decided the F2P model means they need a constant stream.

Enjoy the game, play with your friends, and grind the events that are coming soon.