Finished all my Weeklies, now what?

Just play the game like normal and enjoy not having to worry about them anymore.

You no lifed and completed everything maybe go outside every once in a while get some fresh air.

give them more money

Where did my fellow players go that are actually grateful to just have a game and play matches to improve their skills without any additional incentive?

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I finished the weekly before reset and finished the weekly right after reset, so I’m just sitting at level 52 playing BTB going up one level every 20 matches bored with friends joking around in chat, not particularly caring about winning or losing, since we aren’t getting extra points for winning or getting medals and a 20 KDA. 343 isn’t rewarding players to try to win and it’s dumb. The progression system sucks.

Man I remember playing MCC before the Season Passes and the progression system, playing for FUN. What a wild concept that games are meant to be fun. Like I get enjoying the rewards, but if you’re just playing for cosmetics, you’re going to run into this issue every week until they revamp the Progression System, so I’d recommend learning to have fun by playing the game.

Waiting for the ability to choose what we play since we’re tired of Oddball for every single game.

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Fair enough, I’m still waiting for Swat and wondering what it will be like going back to BR only since there aren’t any Magnums or Semi-Auto rifles. I’m going to miss having Swatnums.

Can always maybe have Swatkicks.


I was discussing this with a friend last night and it seems like an easy fix that would also alleviate the issues people have with nonsensical challenges. Right now if you play MCC there is a challenge to complete 30 challenges to unlock a reward. Why doesn’t 343 just set a threshold of say 10 weekly bounties each week to unlock the weekly cosmetic. This not only protects players from bad challenges (get 25 kills with a wraith that never spawns) since they can just do other challenges, but it also allows them to have infinitely spawning bounties to incentivize players to continue to play to pump up their daily active user counts

Agreed, ie completed the weekly’s twice now and with out any match performance xp, I feel like I’m wasting time playing. 50xp a match is a joke. And wasting a double xp wouldn’t help either. This isn’t there first time around, this should be a no brainer. Or is the match xp behind the campaign paywall?

They played games for 20 years…