Fingers crossed

I’ve got my fingers crossed about the weapon tuning update. I’m hoping it’s going to fix A LOT of things, but it isn’t just the weapons that need changing is it?

I heard they were adding legendary slayer which will be amazing along side the weapon and other updates. But will that be enough to pull people back? We have to remember that people haven’t just abandoned Halo 4 for it’s MM but because of Custom Games.

Anyways, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Halo 4 is heading in the right direction and that those elements from Halo 2 and 3 that we all loved are returning. But it’s like people have said, you can fix a wound but the damage is already done.

If the weapons tuning works I’m certain more changes will follow suit.

We could come up with all sorts of reasons why we think people left Halo 4 or why they don’t play it as much as other games. We can blame every single feature that we don’t like as the reason why people left.

Well never know the exact reason.

The fact is that I wouldn’t get your hopes up that this update will bring people back. I also wouldn’t get your hopes up that they will have any other updates after this one.